WATCH Poles Chant ‘USA’ and ‘TRUMP’ as the President Visits Warsaw

WATCH: Polish Crowd Chants ‘USA’ and ‘TRUMP’ as the President Visits Warsaw

President Trump and First Lady Melania received a warm welcome during the President’s trip to Poland on Thursday, with the crowd erupting in applause and chanting “USA” and “Donald Trump!” as the President made his remarks.

While in Poland on his way to the G-20 summit in Germany, the President stopped in Warsaw to deliver a speech at a wreath laying ceremony honoring the Polish armed forces.

As Trump approached the podium, the crowd can be heard spontaneously chanting “USA, USA!”

It didn’t stop there. The President was interrupted multiple times during his speech as the audience chanted his name; a clear show of support for the American President in a region under constant threat from Russian aggression.

“Just as Poland cannot be broken, I declare today for the world to hear that the west will never, ever be broken. Our values will prevail, our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph,” said Trump as the crowd chanted his name.

The President went on to thank Poland and the Polish people for their steadfast commitment to NATO, adding it was one of the only organization members that fully contributes to the alliance.

"That is also why we salute the Polish people for being one of the NATO countries that has actually achieved the benchmark for investment in our common defense," said the President. "Thank you. Thank you Poland. I must tell you the example you set is truly magnificent and we applaud Poland."

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