Doug Robey and Scotty Gerbes of the Martin Marietta Limestone Mine in Ames, joined us in the studio this morning just after the 8:30 news.  We will be doing another "Journey to the Center of the Earth" with them on September 29th, starting at 5AM.  You will be loaded on buses and taken thru the two levels of the mine....500 ft. underground!  The event is free!  You should wear closed-toe shoes.  You will not be getting out of the bus, but there are a lot of displays above ground for you to peruse while you are waiting to go down in the mine.  Please don't miss this event....your next chance won't be for another five years!!!  The entrance to the mine is about 16' by 16', but once down in the mine, the streets are about 40' wide by 25' high, so it's nice and open.  The temperature in the mine is about 57 degrees.  To get to the mine, take I-35 to the 13th Street Exit in Ames.  Go west to Dayton.  Turn north on Dayton and watch for the signs and people directing traffic to park.  They are also conducting a food drive that morning, so please bring a canned food item with you to "fill the loader"!  

Rebecca Fons and Marianne Fons of the Iowa Theatre in Winterset, joined us in the studio this morning just after the 7:30 news.  They are the proud new owners of the Van and Bonnie Piano!  The Iowa Theatre was just refurbished and opened in May of this year.  They show classic movies and more.  Plus, they equipped the building to be a community center as well and they will be featuring live entertainment where they will be using the Van and Bonnie Piano!  They just finished the new Marquis Sign and they will be doing a special lighting ceremony this evening at 8PM.  The street will be closed and they will be serving champagne....with a 3-2-1 countdown to the lighting of the sign.

Bonnie Costello of the Iowa DOT joined us by phone this morning just after the 7:00 news.  Bonnie talked to us about the message boards that  you see over our interstates.  They are programmed out of their Traffic Management Center in Ankeny. There are special sensors in the roadway that read the traffic and give travel times in the morning and afternoon.  There are actual people monitoring for any accidents and put up any warnings on the sign.

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Patrick Dix will be joining us after the 7:30 news to talk about the Equifax credit fiasco and what you need to know to try to protect your credit.  Also, Brad Anderson with Above and Beyond Cancer will be joining us after the 8:30 news.  

Have a super day!