Does the Equifax credit breach affect you & how? Adventure Tri coming up!

Brad Anderson of Above & Beyond Cancer joined us in the studio this morning just after the 8:30 news. They have an Adventure Tri coming up on October 7th and 8th in Water Works Park.  It involves teams of two canoeing in the Raccoon River, running on nature trails and biking on bike trails.  There is a youth and a relay competition on October 7th, with the adult team competition on October 8th.  As a team, you are required to be within 100 feet of your teammate during all events.  You can get more information and register at  All proceeds will go to Above & Beyond Cancer to help cancer survivors.

Patrick Dix of Shazam phoned us this morning from an airplane in Denver!  The Equifax credit breach is absolutely  huge.  Unlike the credit breach of Target, Equifax is a credit company that holds all of your personal card numbers, social security numbers, birth date, address and your credit rating.  With that information, someone can open bank accounts, get credit cards, get bank loans, etc. all in your name!  The information taken affects almost 50% of the United States citizens!  This is something that you will need to deal with for years.  Patrick advises that you get an app that you can turn your credit card or bank card off when you are not using it.  He also says you will need to monitor your credit card and bank statements on a regular basis...not just every few months or yearly.  He recommends everyone change their passwords now, and make it a phrase that means something to you and then change the "L's" to "7's" or change the "o's" to "0's"...don't use names of kids, birth dates or any other number combinations they might be able to hack.  You can go to and click on the "Check Potential Impact" tab to see if your information has been accessed.  However, they have only identified a small number of that 143,000,000 people that have been affected.  So getting an all clear at this time doesn't really mean anything.  Good Luck!

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Bob Hopper of the Boy Scouts joins us in the studio with gourmet popcorn!  Also, Ross Peterson of Sound-Off, will be joining us for a special Hawkeye game preview just after the 7:30 news.

Enjoy the day!




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