Willow Stine was diagnosed with leukemia and admitted to Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida two days before her third birthday, the same day Hurricane Irma was expected to hit her home.  Her mother, Jennifer, was allowed to stay with her daughter while they prepared for her to begin chemotherapy treatments, but the rest of her family had to evacuate. 

If the cancer and a hurricane weren't enough stress, Jennifer was devastated when she realized she couldn't even throw her daughter a birthday party. With no cake, no presents and no family things just continued to look down, until nurses at the hospital stepped in.

They used resources they had at the hospital to throw little Willow a birthday celebration. “The gifts are donated to the child life department throughout the year, so the team picked out gifts for her. They found out she loved ‘Frozen,’ so those were the types of gifts they picked out." -Danielle Caci, public relations manager at John Hopkins, via HuffPost. 

The hospital has cakes provided by a local grocery stores frozen for patients birthdays. 

They have had some of the worst moments of their life in that past 72 hours, so the fact they were able to take a break from focusing on her diagnosis brought so much emotion to her family.” - Caci