Mark Allen gives relationship advice & Info on "Passport to Prosperity"

From time-to-time, we receive e-mails asking for Mark Allen's relationship advice.  This morning a young man just got a date with a young lady he has been trying to get to go out with him for a long he wants the date to go perfectly!  Here his question and Mark's reply here...

Another popular feature on Van and Bonnie is Leila Rush's "Have You Seen This".  If you missed it this morning, just click here....

Have you ever wondered how Jack Trice Stadium got it's name.  You can hear the short version here...

Don't forget Simon Conway's BBQ this afternoon from 4-6PM with the Puppy Jake Foundation.  Free BBQ from Hy-Vee and BJ Hoffman.  Donations will go to the Puppy Jack Foundation.  They will have tents, puppies and service dogs.  Just go thru our circle drive at 2141 Grand...while 200 lbs. of meat lasts!

Pat Grote with the Iowa International Center joined us this morning after the 8:30 news to talk about their special "Passport to Prosperity" celebration coming up on October 14th at Drake University.  You can hear the entire interview here...    Tickets can be purchased at

Monday on Van and Bonnie, Sarah Zahn with the Covered Bridge Festival will be joining us in the studio and Gary Barrett will give us a preview of the Call The Governor Show.  

Have a wonderful weekend!


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