Millenialls Aren't Lovin' It: Protest for McDonald's Nugg Sauce

Adult Swim's Rick and Morty is one of the most popular TV shows when it comes to millennials, with a cult-like following, bringing in millions of viewers. Co-creator Justin Roiland really loves McDonald's Szechuan sauce, so much in fact he decided to make it the plot of one of the Rick and Morty episodes. Now if you don't remember McDonald's having the sauce, it's because it was released for a limited time during a 1998 promotion of Disney's Mulan.

Roiland's nostalgia earned over 11 million views, so McDonald's sent him an industrial-sized jug of the discontinued Szechuan sauce as a thank you. After taking to social media in pure joy, fans decided they wanted in to. A petition was started to bring back the sauce and got around 45,000 signatures, so McDonald's decided to answer the call.

McDonald's agreed to bring back the sauce for one day only in "limited quantities." Thousands of fans started lining up at 3 am the night before, only to find out select restaurants only had about 20 packets.

After scenes like this broke out across the country, McDonald's apologized and are bringing the sauce back in much, much larger quantities in December.

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