#CrackAnEgg Challenge spurs big Iowa Food Bank donations

The Iowa Egg Council says their #CrackAnEgg challenge got off to a good start this week, and hundreds of thousands of eggs have been donated to the Food Bank of Iowa.

Iowa's Versova company has donated 100-thousand eggs to the Food Bank, to support hunger relief. (Pictured below,  Versova's VP of Marketing, Ross Dean, joined the Food Bank's CEO, Michelle Book)

The challenge involves players playing egg roulette, taking turns smashing a hard-boiled egg on their forehead, until someone gets a raw egg.   Once the game is posted on social media, a carton of eggs is donated to the Food Bank of Iowa.  The challenge runs through Thanksgiving.

WHO Radio's Van and Bonnie played the game Friday.

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This Friday, October 13th  is "World Egg Day" and the Iowa Egg Council is celebrating with a "Crack An Egg" challenge, and they're hoping it'll "go viral" on social media.

Executive Director Kevin Stiles tells WHO Radio News each time someone posts a video of a group of people playing egg roulette, and adds the hashtag #Crackanegg, the Iowa Egg Council will donate a dozen eggs to the Food Bank of Iowa.  

The game features people taking turns smashing an egg on their forehead.  Eight eggs are hard-boiled, four are raw.   The game ends when the first player picks a raw egg, and has a mess to clean up.

He says they're hoping their "Cracking eggs for Hunger" promotion will generate donations and interest like the "Ice Bucket Challenge" did for ALS.

The challenge runs through Thanksgiving.

WHO Radio's Van and Bonnie plan to stream their own  "Crack an egg" challenge, on Facebook, Friday morning on 1040 WHO.

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