Des Moines man leads troopers on chase, "It was on my bucket list"

(Des Moines, Iowa)  A morning rush-hour speeder in Des Moines told State Troopers today (Thursday), he led them on a chase because it was always on his "bucket list."

Iowa State Patrol Sergeant Scott Bright it began after 7:30 this (Thursday) morning, on eastbound I-80 north of Des Moines, and continued south on I-235, with the speeder often traveling on the right shoulder of the highway.   The Chevy Malibu left the freeway and went onto Euclid Avenue, then traveled to northeast 14th Street.   The chase reached speeds up to 80 miles per hour.  Troopers used a pit maneuver to stop the vehicle on East Madison Avenue.

Sergeant Bright says officers often ask a speeder why they were going so fast, and usually it's because they're wanted for a crime, or driving on a suspended license, or there are drugs in the car, but Bright says never in his 28 years in law enforcement has he ever heard a speeder explain that getting away from police was just on his "bucket list."  Bright says he wonders if going to jail was on the speeder's bucket list. 

Forty-six year old Frederick Ray Jones of Des Moines is facing multiple charges, including operating a vehicle while under the influence of narcotics.  Jones was taken to the Polk County Jail. 

 Sergeant Bright says traffic was busy between 7:30 and 8 o'clock this morning, and it's fortunate no one was hurt in the chase.

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