Altoona, Iowa celebrates outlet store opening

(Altoona, Iowa)   The parking lots surrounding the new Outlets of Des Moines, in Altoona have been very busy today, this first official day of business for the new retail center, just south of I-80.

WHO Radio News spoke with many east-side shoppers who said they were thrilled to have so many stores so close to home.  Other curious shoppers admitted driving 30-to-50 miles or more to see the new 300-thousand square foot mall.   

The mall will eventually house 60-stores, a little more than half are open now.

Dignitaries cut the ribbon on the Outlets of Des Moines this (Friday) morning.

To celebrate opening weekend, Santa Claus will make an early appearance.  There's also a barbecue competition Saturday afternoon, and numerous childrens' activities this Sunday.

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