City of Des Moines: Eddy Apartments must be fixed or demolished

It was the deadliest fire in Des Moines in some time that killed four people and forced over 40 people out of their homes May 25th.

Now the city of Des Moines is telling the owners of the Eddy Apartments at 1120 Polk Boulevard that they have to either repair the damage from the fire or demolish the main building.

City engineers have declared the building to be a public nuisance.  Engineers say there's extensive fire damage to the walls, ceiling, windows and mechanical systems throughout the building.  

The apartment building had housed a number of low-income tenants.  

On May 30th, the city sent a notice to the titleholder of the building, the Eddy Cooperative Housing Association, and the Mortgage Holder, Luana Savings Bank of Clive, demanding they either repair or demolish the main structure of the building.  

At Monday night's meeting, the Des Moines City Council will be asked to approve action by the City Legal Department in Polk County District Court, asking a judge to order the owner of the property to either bring the building up to code or tear it down...and if they refuse, allow the City Engineering Department to demolish the building.

The building was built in 1923, according to records in the Polk County Assessor's office.  The current assessed value is $1,410,000 according to the Assessor.

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