#MeToo: Des Moines Coalition Against Sexual Assault reacts

(Des Moines, Iowa)    The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault, or CASA, is reacting to the Harvey Weinstein sex assault scandal, which has inspired the #MeToo social media phenomenon.    

 Kerrie True-Funk with CASA in Des Moines sees it as positive, but also notes someone should never feel pressured to "go public," if they'd prefer to seek help privately.

"Just because somebody isn't disclosing, doesn't mean they haven't had these experiences, it doesn't mean these experiences haven't them and their family, and they should still be treated with respect, and people should not make any assumptions about anybody's experience," said True-Funk.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists one-in-five women have reported being raped in one point in their life-time, one-in-20 have reported a sexual assault other than rape.   Statistics also suggest 1-in-33 men are sexually assaulted during their life-time.

True-Funk hopes the social media campaign will impact those commit the sex assaults, "Hopefully, they're seeing that survivors are wiling to talk about it, and willing to seek support, and willing to lift some of the shame and blame."

CASA is a statewide advocacy organization. The organization trains and supports those who work with sexual assault survivors.  The Iowa Victim Services Call Center is 1-800-770-1650.

WHO Radio's Focus Public Affairs program, Sunday October 29th, (6 a.m.) will feature an interview with Kerrie True-Funk.  

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