A local fire department needs volunteers but not to fight fires

Perhaps crawling into a burning building or driving lights and sirens isn't your cup of tea. The Nevada Fire Department still needs your help. The Nevada Fire Department is seeking community members for support roles needing to be filled during a fire. Nevada member Tracy Tope serves as the liaison between firefighters and the group of volunteers being sought called Rehab Technicians.

Director of Fire and EMS, Ray Reynolds says, "We are looking for 30 people in Nevada who are willing to help during big fire events or community disasters. These volunteers will be vital to supporting our fire department during major fires."

Rehab Technicians will be members of the fire department and will be required to attend an initial half day training and attend four meeting per year. Members will be alerted to service by their smart phone.

Some of the duties of a rehab Technician include:

*Provide cool drinks or warm blankets to firefighters rotating out of a fire.

*Provide firefighters with special decontamination wipes and towels to remove carcinogens from their skin.

*Help replace air tanks when self contained breathing apparatus are empty.

*Help manage personnel accountability at a major fire scene.

* Help provide post fire clean up.

*Take fire department photos of major events.

*Provide traffic control.

There are many support functions on a fire scene. Not everyone wants to be inside a burning building. Currently firefighters fight the fire and do rehab duties at fire scenes. This gives people a volunteer opportunity with little time commitment but big rewards. Protecting our community is a community-wide responsibility.

Inquiries can be directed to ray.reynolds@midiowa.net and a member will follow up with those interested.

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