Iowa loses Toyota-Mazda factory bid

(Des Moines, Iowa)  Iowa has lost its bid for a new Toyota-Mazda plant in Iowa.   Toyota says the Cedar Rapids location (Big Cedar Industrial Center) did not meet their parameters.

"Nothing was specified, but our proposal was met with praise and we were recognized for having delivered a very robust proposal,"  said Iowa Economic Development Authority Spokesperson Kanan Kappleman.  "We did highlight Iowa's assets and we're very proud of that effort."

 Kappleman tells WHO Radio News the staff will regroup and continue doing what they do and try to solicit new investment to the state and create good jobs for all Iowans.   The Cedar Rapids site was one of about a dozen national potential sites, under consideration by Toyota.

"When we have the opportunity to compete at such a level, it puts a spotlight on Iowa and the experience shows we (Iowa) as a formidable competitor in attracting world class investment," said Kappleman.  

The car-maker is expected to make its decision at the end of this year, or early next year.

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