Best Celebrity Costumes of 2017

Hollywood loves Halloween, and when you have ample money to score the perfect costume, things get pretty creative and cool!

Trisha Yearwood went as husband Garth Brooks...

Kim Kardashian joined sister Kourtney to pull of Michael Jackson and Madonna from back in the day.

Blue Ivy also dressed up as the pop icon with mama Beyonce joining her as her best Janet Jackson.

Kristen Bell wasn't as thrilled to be matching her daughter...

Floyd Mayweather put down the gloves to pick up a sword and shield.

We love the colors and creativity of Adele's Chinese dragon costume.

Jessica Alba as Ellen Page's character in the movie Juno.

Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors channeled his inner Jigsaw from Saw.

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland went with one of the very popular Stranger Things characters.

Reality star and lifestyle mogul Lauren Conrad as Cruella DeVille...

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