Vets charity that raised money in Iowa deemed deceptive

A  charity that claimed to raise money for veterans in Iowa and elsewhere is being shut-down, because of deceptive claims.

Iowa was one of two dozen states taking "VietNow" of Rockford, Illinois to court.

Read the court agreement HERE.

The organization claimed to raise money to help veterans overcome joblessness, post-traumatic stress and Gulf War illness.

Investigators determined a small fraction individual donations actually went to help veterans causes.

In a March phone call placed on behalf of VeteransNow and intended for an Iowan, which was recorded by Iowa’s undercover Consumer Protection Division line, a pre-recorded third-party solicitor claimed, 

The goals of the association are to help veterans and of course our local Iowa vets with post-traumatic stress and Gulf War illness.”

 “VietNow asked kind and generous Iowans to donate to help veterans who need it, and those behind this organization helped themselves to most of the funds,” Attorney General Tom Miller said. “It’s offensive when con artists take advantage of peoples’ gratitude toward veterans to line their own pockets, and those who really need the funds don’t get it.”


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