Senator Grassley & Wink Martindale on Van & Bonnie on the same Day!

We were honored to have Senator Grassley in the studio this morning with us from 8:25AM thru 8:55AM. You can hear his entire interview here...

Jack Lashier (formerly Wink Martindale), joined us by phone this morning to mark the 9th anniversary of the Van and Bonnie All Iowa Trivia Bee.  Jack has recently retired from the Iowa Hall of Pride, but he just felt he had to do a little Iowa Trivia with us this morning.  See if you know the answers to these questions.....

Monday on Van and Bonnie, we'll have a couple more chances for you to win $1,000 in our $1,000 Cash Christmas Bonus contest!  We'll also get you caught up from your weekend with all the latest news and sports!  

Have a wonderful weekend!


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