Most dangerous driving near schools in Iowa - MAP

DES MOINES, IOWA - Some of the safest driving around schools in America is here in Iowa... but not in the Des Moines metro area.  

"There's a lot of A and B grades (in Iowa), but there are about a half a dozen counties in Iowa that really fall down into the D grade level."   Noah Budnick with Zendrive tells WHO Radio News.  Zendrive makes an app that anonymously tracks drivers around the U.S. to improve driver safety.

"Polk County, which is the most dangerous county for driver safety around the state, and Dallas County, Poweshiek County."  

Zendrive uses the sensors in smart phones.  "So, the GPS, the Accellerometer, the Gyroscope, and by tapping into those sensors we're able to measure aggressive driving, distracted driving."  Budnick says.  

The study of millions of anonymous Zendrive users across the country ranks 75,000 U.S. school districts.

To find your child's school district on the interactive map CLICK HERE.

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