Governor: Iowa Senate should release new info on sex harrassment probe

The Iowa Senate Republican leadership says they've completed their investigation of sexual harrassment allegations that resulted in a $1.75 million dollar settlement with former GOP caucus Communications Director Kirsten Anderson.  But they're not making that report public. 

On Monday night's "Call Governor Kim Reynolds" program on WHO Radio, Gov. Reynolds said the GOP Senate leaders should release any "new information" that wasn't brought up in Anderson's lawsuit.

Anderson won a $2.2 million judgement from a Polk County jury on her claims she was fired from her Iowa Senate job because she complained about sexual harrassment in the Iowa Senate of staff members. Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix contended the firing was because of her poor performance in office.

On WHO Radio, Governor Reynolds did commend the Senate Republican leadership for hiring a director of human resources in hopes of avoiding similar issues in the future.

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