The Instagram Gem You Need to Know

Bill Young a Dallas dad who is a corporate pilot, was just looking for a way to pass time during his layovers by creating the @myhotelcarpet Instagram account. What's featured on his social account? You guessed it, hotel carpet. If you think about it, hotels really do have some of the wackiest decor and his account proves it!

Bill's account had a mere 125 followers until his daughter put out a special request on Twitter. in 5 days he's gained nearly 520k followers! 

Christmas wishes come true! People caught on and love his creative, trippy-looking, unique account and it got boosted into the spotlight. There's something so charming about the simplicity of it all. Does anyone see a Marriott endorsement coming his way?

“It’s probably to hide dirt, but they always caught my eye. Half the time, I’m walking around jetlagged, and you look down and it’s like, ‘What is this pyramid thing with these stripes coming off it?’ They always drew my eye as being crazy. You rarely see just a regular carpet you’d see in a house.” -Bill Young, via ABC News

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