Arkansas to re-consider some of the Dicamba regulations

The Arkansas Plant Board is scheduled to meet on January third, in order to consider possible revisions to previous proposed regulatory changes regarding dicamba application. The Administrative Rules and Regulations Subcommittee of the Arkansas Legislative Council requested the meeting. They’ll discuss potential revisions to the proposed changes during a pesticide committee meeting that day and then a full board meeting will start after that. The state’s Plant Board voted on November 8 to approve changes to the state regulations on dicamba application, including no dicamba application from April 16 through October 31. The subcommittee then met in December and voted to hold the proposed rule and recommended that the Plant Board consider possible revisions based on a number of factors. They want the board to consider possible changes based on scientific-based evidence, a dividing line to create north and south zones, as well as ambient temperature and humidity applicable to temperature inversion during nighttime hours. The Rules and Regulations Subcommittee will meet on January 16 to consider the outcome of the meeting with the Plant Board.



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