The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie In Iowa Is...

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City

The Girl Scouts started selling their famous cookies on Wednesday.  I don't know about you, but I buy a bunch of Thin Mints and freeze much of them so that I can have them year-round.  After all, Girl Scout cookie season only runs through April. 

More than 1 million Girl Scouts sell about 200 million boxes of cookies each cookie selling season, generating about $800 million.

The best-selling cookie is the Thin Mint with Samoas in second place, the organization said.  But the Scouts have been notoriously STINGY with the cookie info, as the latest server which listed the cookies in order of popularity was reported in 2011:

Thin Mints, 25 percent.

Samoas/Caramel deLites, 19 percent

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs, 13 percent.

Do-si-Dos/Peanut Butter Sandwich, 11 percent.

Shortbread/Trefoils, 9 percent.

According to this same list, Iowans love Samoas the most.

Here's the website into which you can enter your zipcode and find a "cookie booth" near you.  My zip code turned up Jordan Creek Mall.


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