Will You Pay More Sales Tax For Cleaner Water?

Taxes increase

A new poll asks Iowans if they'd pay a higher sales tax for cleaner water.

Nearly 70 percent of Iowans support a small hike in the state sales tax to improve water quality in its lakes, rivers and streams.

A poll of 500 Iowans shows 69 percent support for raising the sales tax three-eighths of 1 cent to pay for cleaner water and trails, parks and other outdoor amenities.

The poll was commissioned by a a coalition that supports the sales tax. Its members include Ducks Unlimited, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Iowa Soybean Association, Pheasants Forever and The Nature Conservancy in Iowa.

It's not going to happen...at least in this legislative session.

Earlier this week, I hope you heard my interview with Representative John Forbes (D-Urbandale).  Representative Forbes, a pharmacist, supports an increase in the state's cigarette tax.

But he acknowledges that the legislature is NOT going to raises taxes...at all...in an election year.

Also problematic for many Democrats:  they view the sales tax as "regressive," in that it has the biggest impact on the poor.  

The Legislative is likely to tap existing funding sources to fund a water quality bill this year.  BUT following an election?  Stay tuned.


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