28 people sick from Fareway chicken salad-victims are suing

The Iowa Department of Public Health is confirming that 28 people have gotten salmonella after eating chicken salad purchased at Fareway Stores in Iowa. In their notice, the department says that 66 others are probable victims as well.

Earlier, the Department issued a warning about the chicken salad that was made by a third party and sold by Fareway.  Fareway says all of the product was removed and not sold after last Friday.

Already, one victim is suing Fareway Stores.  The first is Kati Huffman, a West Des Moines cancer survivor who filed a lawsuit in Polk County District Court in Des Moines Friday.  In her complaint, she says she bought the chicken salad from Fareway's store at 329 Grand Avenue in West Des Moines Wednesday, February 7th.  

She says she ate the chicken salad Sunday, Feb. 11th and started getting cramps and diarrhea the next day.  Tests at Iowa Methodist Medical Center's West Des Moines location revealed she'd come down with salmonella poisoning.  

The attorney in the case, Ryan Osterholm, tells WHO Radio News that more lawsuits are being prepared.

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