Gun Owners Of America To President Trump: NO Gun Control!

AR-15 (KHQ)

We talked about this issue this week:  is President Trump REALLY going to support proposals that run counter to what gun groups would like to see?  Will candidates in IOWA really run on gun control?

I try each week on my show to view national issues through an IOWA lense -  sure, lawmakers in progressive areas talk boldly of taking on the NRA.  But will Democrats in Iowa - who need to win again in rural areas -  really run on gun control?

I think not.  Nor would I believe that President Trump will ultimately pressure lawmakers to act on measures opposed by gun owners.

As an example, the Gun Owners of America issued an alert to members this week:

Gun Owners of America issued an alert earlier this week urging its 1.5 million members to call the White House and "Tell Trump to OPPOSE All Gun Control!" The organization said anti-gun activists aided by congressional Democrats are trying to convince the president he should "support their disastrous gun control efforts," the message said. "And sadly, it may be working."

It goes back to something we talked about on the show this week:  2nd Amendment advocates think having a gun is an unalienable right; gun control advocates believe the amendment is an embarassment that only applied to muskets and hunting.  Those worldviews are clashing once again; in MOST areas of the country, the 2nd Amendment advocates win.

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