WATCH: Flippy The Robot Cooks 150 Hamburgers An Hour


The video above is courtesy of USA Today.

Remember during the Ronald Reagan years when his opponents dismissed the economic growth of the 80s as being just "hamburger-flipping jobs?"

You're gonna need a new cliche.

Flippy The Robot grills 150 hamburgers an hour.

It takes burger orders through a digital ticketing system, then flips the burger patties and removes them from the grill. It uses thermal and regular vision, as well as cameras, to detect when the raw meat is placed on the grill, then monitors each burger throughout its cooking process.

This isn't the future, by the way:  Flippy works the afternoon shift for a burger joint in California.

I've already ordered my food at a burger place through a kiosk.  And now the cooking is being automated.  This is why the food service workers "fighting for 15" (a minimum wage of $15 an hour) should ACTUALLY be fighting for more job training as EVERYONE is going to need to up their skills in the future.


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