UFO Expert Beverly Trout of MUFON joins Van and Bonnie...hear it here..

Van and Bonnie have had a lot of sightings of UFO's lately, so we got in touch with a UFO expert, Beverly Trout of MUFON here in Iowa.  She told us of very detailed sightings this year of UFO's in Grimes and EP True Parkway in West Des Moines.  UFO sightings have been up in Iowa.  To hear her entire interview with Van and Bonnie, click here....

Monday on Van and Bonnie, we'll be talking with Mark McDougal of Ruth  Harbor about the Walk For Life.  We'll also give you four more chances to win $1,000!  We'll get you all updated from your weekend, including any travel hazards from the snow expected on Sunday night!

Enjoy your weekend!



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