London Mayor Calls For Knife Control Due To Stabbing Crisis

Knives Are the New Guns in Lawmakers' Second-Amendment Expansion

Opponents of gun control often point out that more Americans die in car accidents than in shootings.  "So should we have car control?" they say.  How about hammer control?  Or knife control?

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a parody headline:  "London's Mayor Declares Intense New 'Knife Control' Policies."   It is not.  In a city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the world, London's murder rate has surpassed New York City in 2018.

Stabbings in London are at their highest level in six years.

London mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that metro police will be conducting targeted patrols with extra stop and search powers for areas worst-affected by the stabbing crisis.

Ironically, it's Khan who is responsble for decreasing the number of stop-and-searches, having previously declared the tactic racist and potentially Islamophobic.

So who does Khan blame for the surge in stabbings?

He says, "This is clearly a national problem that requires national solutions."The Government must urgently increase funding for the police as well as restoring funding for the services that provide alternative paths away from crime, such as youth services, education, probation and mental health services.”

So, yes, the advocates for Second Amendment rights are correct when they derisively call for knife control -  it isn't the object, it's the PEOPLE -  and the government that fails to protect the citizenry as its first and foremost responsibility.

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