Here's The Trailer For Solo: A Star Wars Story

I am a Marvel fan and a Star Wars fan;  so I am NOT among the cynical who believe that you can have TOO much Star Wars or Marvel movies/shows.

I'll judge each production on its merits:  I've liked all the new Star Wars films that I've seen since Disney took over the franchise and MOST of the Marvel shows.

But even as a Star Wars fan, I join other fans in wondering when we'll get that first clunker.

Coming up in May, a new Star Wars film;  a story involving the young Hans Solo.  The trailer above already has scored 2-million views and my social media timeline says that people are allowing themselves to be excited.  I like the trailer and definitely will see the movie.

Of course, we've all seen the trailers that contain all the "good parts" while ultimately being disappointed by the movie.  But if this film has the humor, visuals, and actions that it teases (plus:  cool Lando!!!), it'll be great.

If not, expect a LOT of complaining about being fooled by the trailer.  The irony of THAT is the movie will probably gross $200 million worldwide WHILE everyone is complaining.  There's a REASON movie companies love franchises. many MORE Millenium Falcons will be sold after May?

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