Ted Cruz's Opponent: Impeach President Trump...Maybe

If something MIGHT make Democrats look bad -  and Republicans are taking about it -  the liberal media begins the headline with the phrase, "Republicans seize..."  The idea is to imply that the GOP is making hay out of nothing-at-all and that the controversy doesn't really exist.

A big example this past week were headlines that "Republicans seize" on impeachment talk as a way of motivating GOP voters and Trump supporters to get out to the polls for the midterm election.  Here's an example of that from the New York Times.

The article implies that talk of potential impeachment was once "hyperbole" by "little known groups" on the right but is now being brought into the mainstream by Republicans.

But as this article by Breitbart points out, Democrats in Congress has been talking impeachment against the will of the voters at large.

After six House Democrats called for impeachment in December, 66 did so in January.

As the New York Times observed Sunday: “Polls show most voters are not supportive of impeachment at the moment.” Only 39% wanted to see impeachment proceedings brought in the House of Representatives in a recent Morning Consult/POLITICO poll (versus 48% who did not).

The Democratic base WANTS impeachment.  Don't believe me?  Always watch the candidates say.

Beto O'Rourke is running against Senator Ted Cruz in Texas.  Liberals think Beto has a chance and have given him LOTS of money.

O'Rourke needs to please his liberal base but....it's TEXAS.  So he tries to walk a fine line on a local radio show.

Rep. Beto O’Rourke, the Democrat who is challenging Senator Ted Cruz for his Senate seat, tried to consistently create wiggle room, claiming he could see impeaching President Trump, but adding he wanted to wait until Republicans led the way, saying that people who owned AR-15’s should be able to keep them, but reiterating his position that they should not be sold any more; and championing guaranteed universal health care while evading the question as to how it would be paid for.

The liberal media doesn't need to report that Republicans are raising the specter of a Trump impeachment -  they only need to report what DEMOCRATS are saying.

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