Des Moines nears top of U.S. News and World Report list

Des Moines upped near top of U.S. News and World Report list

DES MOINES, Iowa - In a new list ranking the top 125 cities in America, Des Moines comes in near the top.

U.S. News and World Report is out with its 2018 list of the best places to live in America.

They look at the 125 top metropolitan areas in the nation for affordability, job prospects, and quality of life.

Des Moines Iowa is ranked at number 4 this year, up five spots from last year.

The report says Des Moines is a great place to live and raise a family. 

Cultural events and festivals draw all ages to the downtown area. One-of-a-kind shops, locally owned restaurants and hip bars enliven entertainment districts. And plenty of bike trails and parks (and even a few lakes) provide opportunities for outdoor recreation.

The metro area of more than 600,000 has a small-town, know-your-neighbor feel to it. It's a place where you'll bump into people you know at the grocery store and get invited to backyard barbecues. Newcomers, take note: The people of Des Moines are some of the nicest you'll ever meet.

The top five on the list this year are:

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  3. Denver, Colorado
  4. Des Moines, Iowa
  5. Fayetteville, Arkansas

Read full details about Des Moines in the report by U.S. News and World Report CLICK HERE

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