Former Silicon Valley Star Arrested for Fake Bomb Threat

TJ Miller is probably just a semi-familiar name to folks who like entertainment, but his freefall from TV and movie funny-guy to unemployed social pariah is remarkable.

The star recently parted ways with TV show "Silicon Valley" due to creative differences. Several people with the show said the actor was becoming harder and harder to work with.

Even without Miller, Silicon Valley has been a well-received comedy. Now Miller has been arrested for a fake bomb threat.

Apparently Miller was getting in arguments with a female passenger on an Amtrak train while intoxicated and called 911 to say she had a bomb. Good move, pal!

Also, this occurred on an Amtrak train! Those things still exist! And a guy from Hollywood was using it!

Mark down that in April of 2018, an actor was on an Amtrak and made a bomb threat that made national news.

It hasn't been a good last six months or so for TJ Miller. Let's hope the 36-year-old figures it out and fixes his personal issues so he can try to make people laugh again.

Hear our conversation on "Have You Seen This?" from Wednesday morning:

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