Will President Trump Fire Rod Rosenstein? Should He?

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Here's a preview of a topic about which we'll talk on Thursday:

President Trump floated the idea of firing Robert Mueller on Monday after the FBI raided the office of his attorney Michael Cohen.  But some are speculating that it might be Rod Rosenstein who gets the ax instead.

According to reports, Trump is fuming about Rosenstein behind the scenes, blaming the Deputy Attorney General for signing off on the raid.  

Some of Trump's advisers reportedly believe Rosenstein crossed a line with the Cohen raid.

Firing Rosenstein could be an indirect way for Trump to slow Mueller's investigation.  

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whos recusal from the Russia investigation has infuriated Trump, could also be on the chopping block.

On Tuesday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump "certainly" believes he has the power to fire Mueller.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Shumer is calling for legislation that would prevent the President from being able to do so.

As I've said on the show, I understand President Trump's frustration.  Robert Mueller was basically hired to dog the President from the beginning of his presidency.  But the President needs to remember:  every move so far has indicated trouble for people AROUND Trump -  not the President himself.  Firing Mueller or Rosenstein actually makes it LOOK like he has something to hide.  From what I see, some people in the President's life may have done some shady things, but the President hasn't.  I think the public agrees with me -  but that perception would change if the President fires Rosenstein or Mueller.

What say you?

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