Did The National Enquirer Spike Stories About President Trump?

Oh, the irony.

You'll recall that the National Enquirer, at times, has been the FIRST source of scandalous information about politicians (John Edwards, Bill Clinton) and was dismissed by the mainstream media UNTIL that information was proven true.

The opposite may be happening with President Donald Trump.

One report alleges The National Enquirer is buying salacious stories about President Trump in order to keep them from coming to light.

According to the Associated Press, American Media Inc, which owns the magazine, gave Dino Sajudin, the ex-doorman of one of Trump’s buildings, $30,000 for a story and then spiked it.  The tabloid has also been accused of paying Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who also says she had an affair with Trump, $150,000 to buy her silence.

The National Enquirer denied allegations of operating on Trump's behalf and that says the payment to McDougal was for a fitness column, while sister publication, Radar Online reports that editors at the Enquirer felt the doorman's story was not true.

Maybe...but it wouldn't be the FIRST time that an ardent supporter of a politician were willing to do ANYTHING to protect that politician.  Trump attorney Michael Cohen is claiming he paid adult star Stormy Daniels for HER silence but did so on his own without the President's knowledge.

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