Apparently An Extra Drink During a Night Out Shortens Your Life

If you enjoy indulging in an extra drink every once in a while, this may not be happy news for you, especially if you are 40-years-old or older.

For people in that age range, a study published by The Lancet medical journal, any drink in excess of the daily recommended limit will shorten time off their life. The study said the effects of excess drinking were comparable to smoking. The daily limits should be around 100 grams per week, according to the study.

The idea I suppose is to just know the risk of drinking too much when you get over-the-hill. Some people will know the risk and still find it worth it.

There are still some benefit to drinking a little regularly, as studies have found that to lower the chance of suffering a non-fatal heart attack. But there are certainly many health risks to having too much to drink as evidenced by The Lancet.

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