President Trump AGAIN Calls James Comey A "Slimeball"

When President Trump tweeted that former FBI director James Comey is a "slimeball" in advance of Comey's new book, you and I talked about it on the radio.

The President has tweeted a "slimeball" reference AGAIN in regard to Comey. What set the President off is this revelation:

In an excerpt shown Saturday, Comey says his belief that Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election was a factor in his decision to disclose the investigation into her emails.

The President is NOT a happy man.

Ironically, many Democrats believe that Comey's decision to reopen (and then reclose) the Hillary Clinton email investigation just before the election dispirited many supporters, drove down turnout, and cost Clinton the election.

COMEY believed she was going to win and needed to ensure that her Presidency was legitimate.

Regardless of the President's language, NO ONE should be supportive of the head of a national law enforcement agency launching an investigation based on influencing the electorate.

I don't really believe Comey's book will result in endearing him to the American people - as I suppose he hopes.  OR maybe he just cares about the money.  But the excerpts I've seen so far indicate that he comes off as a rather whiny, self-rightous guy who decided he didn't like the current President of the United States and acted badly. 

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