Jefferson, Iowa storm damage nearly $2 million

(Photo from Channel 13, WHO-TV)

(JEFFERSON, Iowa)   Dennis Morlan of the Greene County Emergency Management Office tells WHO Radio News, 70-mph straight line winds Friday, April 13th caused approximately $2 million in damage to about a dozen structures, including three homes.   

Morlan says he's convinced it was straight winds, because of evidence of up and down drafts.   He says the winds, which part of a strong storm system Friday night, damaged or destroyed about dozen RVs and campers, peeled off siding and shingles, some of which were blown into other structures.  

Morlan says winds also damaged or uprooted 8-10 large trees.  He says utility workers and public works crews continue to make repairs and haul away debris.   

He says during the storm a truck driver attempting to make a delivery, was stuck in his truck for more than an hour, because of big electric lines that fell onto his truck, but aside from that close call, there were no injuries.

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