Planet Fitness Evacuated Due To WiFi Network Name

I've lived in apartment buildings and townhome complexes.  When I seached for a WiFi network, I got exposed to the cleverness of my neighbors.  Many of them named their networks very cleverly (I think the cleverest name that I've ever created is Skynet).

The Associated Press reports that a Planet Fitness in Saginaw, Michigan was evacuated after WiFi network named 'remote detonator' caused a scare.

A patron was searching for a connection and recieved quite a start from the name.

Saginaw Township police Chief Donald Pussehl says the patron brought the WiFi connection’s name to the attention of a manager, who evacuated the building and called police. The gym was closed for about three hours as police responded.

A bomb-sniffing dog was even brought to the scene, so you can imagine the clamor in the neighborhood and the news attention.

Planet Fitness says the manager followed company procedure for when there is a suspicion about a safety issue.  But what goes unexplained in the article:  if the WiFi connection was at Planet Fitness -  that means an employee named it AND is in BIG trouble.

And, yes, the linked article points out that people often have odd names for WiFi connections.  

What's the oddest or funniest WiFI name that you've ever encountered?

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