Stormy Daniels Releases Sketch Of Threatening Man And It Looks Familiar

You'll recall that Stormy Daniels, during an interview in which she alleged having an affair with President Trump, also stated that a man threatened her in a parking lot to remain silent.

In an appearance on "The View," she released a sketch of the man.

The Internet realized that this man looked very familiar.

Tom Brady, of course, is a friend of Donald Trump so this makes sense.  But is Brady THAT much of a friend?  He certainly doesn't need the money.

Other people saw:

Mark McGrath, singer of the group Sugar Ray, hasn't had a hit in years and COULD have used the cash.

Others made THIS connection:

Gary Johnston of Team America, World Police, DID save the world from weapons of mass destruction but does it have the guts to actually threaten an adult film star?

Stormy tells us that she's not doing this for the cash, but I would note that she'll appear at a Des Moines strip club this summer.

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