The Nadas have a special Autism Project - Hear their new song here...

Mike Butterworth and Jason Walsmith (The Nadas) joined us in the studio this morning to talk about a special connection Mike has to Autism Awareness Month.  Mike's 9 year-old son is autistic.  He wrote a song to his son and they are touring during the month of April at various locations with the proceeds going to help Autism Speaks as well as various other Autism charities.  The song is called "Henry James" (his son's name).  You can hear their entire interview here...

You can see the video and hear the entire song by clicking here.  

You can donate by going to their website...  Click on the the download and donate button.  All donations to go Autism Speaks and other autism charities.

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, we will be speaking with Kurt Warner!  Also, four more chances for you to win $1,000!

Drive carefully today!


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