You won't believe who says "This is a trade war"

Are we in a trade war with China? President Trump says we’re not, but Alan Kemper, a corn and soybean grower in Lafayette, Indiana and former President of the American Soybean Association and the National Corn Growers Association, believes we are in a major trade war with China, and we are currently fighting the opening battles. He doesn’t believe China will back down easily:

Kemper 1

Kemper also believes that the economics of increased Chinese tariffs could be far worse than what many economists are saying:

Kemper 3

He says there are many ramifications that Washington lawmakers and USDA need to consider:

Kemper 2

One of Kemper’s biggest concerns is what this trade war could do to young farmers who will have to deal with the long-term impacts of potential soured trade relationships.

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