'Ice Ice Baby' Iowa School Cancellation Shows Humor in Frustrating Spring

We all know by now that this is not a usual spring in the state of Iowa. After another round of wintry mix slammed the state Tuesday into Wednesday, many schools were forced to cancel classes.

One frustrated elementary school principal went to the next level when posting her school's cancellation on social media:

Angela Ruley has obviously had enough of this "springter" weather and created a very entertaining version of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" to notify students and parents of yet another "snow day."

The Big Show's Andy Peterson told us about the video and said he went to high school with Mrs. Ruley. According to Andy, she's always had a great talent for music. We can agree after seeing this fantastic rendition of a famous song to find humor during a very frustrating spring season.

Hear the entire conversation on "Have You Seen This?" here:


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