Prince: No Charges To Be Filed In Overdose Death

It looks like long-time Prince fans like myself are going to have to endure the frustration of knowing that no one will be brought to justice for his premature death.

Law enforcement officials in Minnesota have decided that it's "case closed" in regard to charging a person (or persons) for his overdose death.

Prince died after taking counterfeit Vicodin that contained fentanyl, but Minnesota prosecutors say they can't find reliable evidence as to who gave him the drug.

There was a doctor under suspicion, but he's not going to be criminally charged.

...a Minnesota doctor, Michael Schulenberg, who had treated Prince twice not long before his death, has agreed to pay $30,000 to settle a federal civil violation for an illegal prescription, his lawyer, Amy Conners, said on Thursday. In a search warrant last year, investigators said that Dr. Schulenberg had told them he had prescribed an opiate painkiller to the singer in someone else’s name — Kirk Johnson, Prince’s longtime friend, bodyguard and sometime drummer — to protect Prince’s privacy.

Dr. Schulenberg admitted no liability as part of the settlement and has maintained he did not prescribe drugs to anyone with the intention they be redirected to Prince.

I was a teenager during the "Purple Rain" years and Prince's lyrics about life, love, and faith really spoke to me.  I visited Paisley Park shortly after his death and was surprised at how much the memorials left on the fence outside his recording studio impacted me.

Music is at its best when it connects with your emotions and provides a soundtrack to your life.  Sadly, it sometimes takes the death of an artist (and the subsequent void left behind) before you realize how much that person's meant to you over a number of years.

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