Ken Keffer of the Des Moines Curling Club wants to teach YOU to curl!

Ken Keffer, Board Member of the Des Moines Curling Club, joined Van and Bonnie in the WHO Radio studios.  With the USA winning the gold medal in Curling at the Winter Olympics, the sport has been growing by leaps and bounds.  Here's your opportunity to learn to Curl!  The Des Moines Curling Club currently has about 50 members and they would like to expand!  They have a "Learn to Curl" event coming up on May 5th and starting May 15th, they will be giving Curling lessons for four weeks with a tournament at the end.  To sign up or to get more information, go to  You can hear Ken's entire interview below.

Monday on Van and Bonnie, we'll be talking with the Smart Money people and we'll give you four more chances to win $1,000!!!!

Enjoy our great weekend weather for a change!


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