Diamond And Silk Accept Steve King's Invite To Talk To Congress

Diamond and Silk, two popular social commentators, have accepted Congressman Steve King's invitation to testify before Congress on April 26.  

Conservative members of Congress recently used Mark Zuckerberg's appearance before Congress to spotlight the censoring of conservatives from social media.  Senator Ted Cruz challenged Zuckerberg to cite a time when liberal pages were taken down from Facebook.

As a follow-up, King asked Diamond and Silk - prominent supporters of President Trump who often appear on "Fox And Friends" - to appear at a Judiciary Committee hearing on “Filtering Practices of Social Media Platforms.” 

The pair was recently censored on Facebook after the social media platform deemed their popular commentary to be “unsafe to the community.”

According to a press release by Congressman King:

"Diamond and Silk are a great American success story, and many consider this pro-Trump pair’s Facebook censorship to be ‘Exhibit A’ in the argument that social media platforms frequently filter out conservative viewpoints,” said King. “Diamond and Silk’s commentaries are not unsafe, and Facebook’s suggestion that they are is so ridiculous it strikes many as a pretext used to target Diamond and Silk’s mainstream beliefs. Facebook’s unjustifiable action shows that if anyone should feel ‘unsafe’ on social media, it is those who wish to express conservative political beliefs that run contrary to those of the liberal, social-justice activists that work behind the scenes at Facebook, Google, and Twitter.”

Also set to testify that same day:  Representative Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee -  a good friend of Congressman King who has appeared at political forums that he has organized. Blackburn is a pro-life conservative who recently had a political advertisement touting her efforts to stop Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts blocked by Twitter. 

Representatives from Facebook, Google and Twitter have also been invited to appear.

diamond and silk on hannity

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