President Trump Considering Full Pardon of Turn of the Century Boxer

President Donald Trump has conjured up plenty of controversial ideas and tweets but something he said over the weekend has many people talking.

Jack Johnson, the first African American heavyweight boxing champion, was jailed all the way back in 1913 for transporting a white woman he was dating across state lines for what an all-white jury said was "immoral purposes." The sentence was one year in prison, which Johnson served.

The trial came about after Johnson was accused of violating the Mann Act. The legislation is a federal statute that prohibits interstate or foreign transportation of an individual with the intention of engaging such individual in sexual activity or prostitution.

Johnson's great-great niece has been generating buzz to try and get the former champion posthumously pardoned. A handful of Congressmen on both sides of the aisle have jumped in and been pushing to clear Johnson's name.

Jack Johnson had an amazing boxing career in a forgotten era of sports, winning 73 of his 104 fights including 40 by knockout.

His most famous fight was the "Fight of the Century" against James J. Jeffries in 1910. Here's some awesome footage of that:

What a time that must have been to be alive. Over a century later, Johnson may finally be pardoned after a questionable ruling tarnished his legacy.

Check out the conversation as heard on "Have You Seen This?" right here:

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