College Football Video Game Planned for 2020 Release

Fans of college football video games will be happy to hear that for the first time since 2013, it appears that there will be a game that will allow you to recruit players and play through a college football season on your favorite console.

Unfortunately, it is not licensed by the NCAA or any of their schools, so all the schools are made up and none of the players resemble the gridiron stars we see every fall Saturday.

There is good news with that, however. The game, called Gridiron Champions and made by IMackulate Vision Gaming, will allow full customization of the teams and players in the game. So in theory, you could find a way to closely resemble your favorite college team in the game.

Check out some of the screen shots:

You can see that there's plenty of similarities to the current college game. If the gameplay and simulation of the business of college football check out, this is bound to be a hit. If the gameplay is lackluster or recruiting is unrealistic, this experiment surely won't last long.

If you missed it, several lawsuits from former collegiate players basically forced EA Sports to cancel the NCAA Football and NCAA Basketball series in 2013 and there hasn't been a top-level college sports video game since.

We'll keep an eye on it. That's for sure. Hear the segment on "Have You Seen This?" right here:

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