Colorado Lawmakers Want To Jail Striking Teachers

Strikes by teachers have certainly been in the national news lately and Colorado may be the latest state hit with a teachers' strike.  I know parents are certainly angered when a strike occurs -  all the lost class time and the personal struggles of trying to care for the kids while awaiting an uncertain end date to a walkout.

But would you favor jailing striking teachers?

Ahead of a planned teacher walkout, GOP lawmakers in Colorado are pushing a bill that would send striking teachers to jail.

The bill would allow school districts to seek a court injunction to block a teacher strike.  Any teacher who did not comply would be in contempt of court and face up to six months in jail.

Districts would also be required to fire striking teachers immediately, without a hearing.

Two GOP state senators introduced the bill last week.  Colorado teachers a preparing to walk out on April 26, demanding higher wages and more school funding.  

Teachers are NOT allowed to strike in Iowa.  If two sides can't agree during bargaining, a mediator is brought in to formulate a deal.  The teachers' union and the district make their case before the mediator, who announces a final salary package that MUST be implemented.  

Unfortunately for the states that don't have this type of methodology prescribed by law, strikes are a reality.

Do you support teacher strikes?  Is it right for the government to threaten jail time if people don't go to work?

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