Reynolds signs update to Iowa's Youth Sports Concussion Law

DES MOINES, Iowa-  Governor Kim Reynolds has signed a bill, updating the  Iowa Youth Sports and Concussion Law, which was initially passed in 2011.     

Geoffrey  Lauer of the Brain Injury Alliance says there's "return-to-learn" requirement in the bill, so teachers recognize residual concussion symptoms.  He says symptoms may include a lack of focus, memory issues, fatigue, and emotional issues for up to three weeks.   

The bill allows for critical supports and accommodations in the classroom during the recovery period after a brain injury.

The new legislation also adds "emergency medical care providers" to the list of individuals who may require a student immediately be removed from an interscholastic activity.   

The new law offers limited liability for schools who follow "return-to-play" protocols and who provide emergency medical or health professionals at school athletic events.

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Iowa brain injury experts warn about sub-concussive impacts  - Thumbnail Image

Iowa brain injury experts warn about sub-concussive impacts

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