Amazon's Alexa Is About To Get A Lot Smarter

As if Amazon's Alexa wasn't impressive enough as it is, it's about to get better.

Ruhi Sarikaya, head of the Alexa Brain group, said the home assistant will be more personalized, smarter, and more engaging.

Alexa will have the ability to recall information that she's been told to remember and you'll soon be able to have a regular conversation with her without beginning your sentence with the word "Alexa." 

In addition to the new memory features, Alexa will be able to include more natural interaction while you are talking with her. An example would be asking "Alexa, how's the weather in Omaha?" You would be able to follow that up by asking "How long does it take to get there?"

These updates are expected to come to Alexa owners in the United States fairly soon, but no dates have been announced. 

No matter how quickly this happens, this is an important improvement with our home assistants.

You can hear the entire segment on "Have You Seen This?" right here:

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