AR-15 Raffle Conducted By Youth Baseball League

The East Canton Youth Baseball Association went through with their controversial raffle on Sunday. The league held the event as a fund raiser to help reduce registration fees. The annual raffle, now in it's fifth year, usually brings in $5,000.

Participants had a chance to win a bolt-action hunting rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and a handgun. But it was the AR-15, the civilian version of a U.S. military rifle, that really caused a national stir. Several mass shooting have been carried out with that particular weapon, including the Parkland, Florida, school shooting which left 17 dead.

Organizers said they would have tried something else, but candy sales and the like don't bring in enough money.

So what do you think?  Is it "too soon," or are people being overly sensitive?

I believe the controversy around the story really shows the cultural differences we are experiencing in this country.  I would love to know where MOST of the opposition originated -  was it Ohio?  Or other, more liberal, states.

I don't think Ohio is considered either a predominantly liberal OR conservative state.  But I don't think a gun raffle is generating that much controversy IN OHIO.  It wouldn't in Iowa, either.

But much of our national media is based in liberal cities with liberal cultures.  To the members of media in New York, this type of raffle is shocking and insensitive.  In much of the country, it wouldn't be considere a big deal.  

I don't consider it a big deal, either.  Call me TOO practical -  will one life be saved if the raffle is called off?

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